LGBTQ Fertility Treatments


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<p>At NOVA IVF in Mountain View, California, Richard Schmidt, MD, FACOG, and Meera Shah, MD, FACOG, want to help all individuals, including the LGBTQ+ community, to build the family of their dreams. The team offers comprehensive LGBTQ+ fertility treatments, including artificial insemination, egg donation, embryo adoption, and in vitro fertilization (IVF). Call NOVA IVF or schedule a consultation online today to learn about LGBTQ+ fertility treatments.</p>

LGBTQ Fertility Treatments Q & A

What are the available fertility treatments for lesbians?

The team at NOVA IVF provides a comprehensive range of fertility services for lesbians. Your treatment begins with a fertility workup to identify any potential barriers to pregnancy and the best fertility treatment to help you grow your family.

For example, the team offers anonymous or known sperm donor intrauterine insemination in a natural cycle or with ovary stimulation. If intrauterine insemination isn't successful or if your fertility workup shows tubal blockages or ovulation abnormalities, the team might recommend IVF. 

There are several IVF options available. For example, one partner can receive IVF with an embryo created from the other partner's eggs. Alternatively, one partner can have IVF with her own eggs. The team at NOVA IVF can also provide IVF on both partners using either their own or their partner's eggs. 

What are the available fertility treatments for gay men?

While NOVA IVF doesn't provide surrogacy services, if you have a surrogate, either from an agency or a friend or family member, the team can help you grow your family. 

For example, the team can provide intrauterine insemination using your sperm for your surrogate, with or without the stimulation of her ovaries. However, if you prefer to have more control over the risk of multiples or have embryos created with both partners' sperm, the team also offers IVF treatments.

How do I know which LGBTQ fertility treatment is right for me?

The team at NOVA IVF wants to help you grow your family in the way that works best for you. They provide thorough consultations and fertility assessments to help identify the method that is best suited to your needs. 

NOVA IVF doesn't provide sperm donation or surrogacy services, but they can provide contact details for agencies to assist with this part of the fertility treatment process. They also offer guidance and advice to help you make this decision.

The team at NOVA IVF designs customized treatment plans for each patient. There's no single approach that works best for everyone. The team has high success rates and provides an integrative, patient-focused approach to fertility care. 

If you are a member of the LGBTQ community and want to grow your family, call NOVA IVF or make an appointment online today for compassionate, expert fertility treatments.