Finding An Egg Donor

When considering the egg donation treatment it is critical to look at the fertility potential of the egg donor. The selection process includes finding the best physical match, reviewing the medical history of the donor, considering the educational background and getting a feel for the donor’s personality. These are all very important when narrowing down the selection process.

The donor’s fertility potential should be considered before the final selection process is made with the egg donor agency. Parts of the history that would suggest good fertility potential are listed below:

  • Age under 32
  • Regular Menstrual Cycles (when not taking birth control pills)
  • Prior Pregnancies (Full term or abortions)
  • Dependable Personality
  • Prior Egg Donation Cycle
    – That resulted in a pregnancy
    – There were extra embryos frozen from that cycle
    – High implantation rate

Finding an Egg Donor

Finding A Surrogate

Choosing a surrogate to carry your child can be a difficult task. Surrogates put a lot into the process and being sure that the surrogate is truly “on board” is important. Selecting a surrogate that is dependable and committed to the whole process from embryo transfer to delivery will keep the relationship between you and your surrogate much less stressful.

Some women are better suited for a safe pregnancy than others. A safe pregnancy for both surrogate and baby is the goal. The following should be considered in selecting an ideal donor:

  • At least one prior full term pregnancy
  • No history of pregnancy complications: Gestational diabetes, high blood pressure in pregnancy,
    preterm labor, blood clots
  • No more than 2 cesarean sections
  • BMI less than 30 (Sometimes can be slightly higher)
  • Non-smoker/non-drinker
  • No major medical problems
  • Good Nutritional Habits

Finding a Surrogate


Finding an Acupuncturist

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