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Eating to Optimize Fertility


Eating right is the cornerstone for optimizing your fertility health. The typical North America diet produces an excess amount of acid in the body. Humans are naturally more basic and when food intake leads to continuous acidity this can lead to more sickness and chronic illness. In addition to the more acidic environment; the North American diet has more food that promotes inflammation. The combination of foods that promote this acidic and inflammatory state is a real detriment to your fertility health.

It is important to balance the foods you eat. It is not to say that we should only eat basic and anti-inflammatory foods, but to be sure that we are mindful about getting enough of these “good” foods every day so our bodies stay balanced. Balance and moderation is essential. Extremism with any particular way of eating is potentially unbalanced for your body and unhealthy for your mind.

Moderation is a very important word when discussing a healthy way of eating. Severe restrictions like only eating one type of nut, using one type of oil, or completely eliminating things like chocolate or occasional caffeine consumption can have a negative effect on one’s mood. It could also increase the intake of other “comfort” foods unnecessarily.

Below are several tables – one has the list of anti-inflammatory foods and the other has a list of alkaline/basic foods. One list gives good protein and oil sources. Selecting 60% to 80% of your daily intake from these two tables will promote a healthier body and optimize your fertility potential. This is not a complete list by any means, it is a guide and you will see that some foods are on both lists.

Important Foods to Avoid As Much As Possible or Eliminate

SodaProcessed meatsFried foods
Diet sodaFrench friesDoughnuts
Sweet sport drinksCandiesBeef
Fast foodsCakesMargarine


Foods to Eat Regularly

Whole fruits

While some fruits are very acidic like the citrus varieties, when digested they have a very basic effect. If possible try to eat a variety of organically grown fruits. Think about “eating the rainbow” when it comes to the fruits. The color variety gives you diversity in your healthy polyphenolics. Pure blended fruit and vegetable juices either homemade or commercial such as Odwalla or Naked brands, but also try to have whole fruits and vegetables. Challenge yourself to get at least 5 servings per day.

Fresh Vegetables

This is really the basis to healthy eating. Strive for as many servings per day as possible. Again, variety plays a key role in balanced nutrition. If at all possible have several servings in the raw form. Meals should be built around this group rather than it being an afterthought for a side dish. Put variety into salads (add fruit and nuts), munch on celery, carrots or broccoli. Put some spicy peppers into your dishes and reap the benefits of their ant-inflammatory powers. Make vegetables the base of your pyramid. Their importance can not be overstated.

Protein Sources

Some of the best protein sources are plant-based including beans, nuts and seeds. Seafood use to be a good option, but with rising levels of mercury and PCBs it should be minimized in the diet. Avoiding cured and processed meats is extremely important, they are recognized as carcinogenic by the World Health Organization. Plant-based proteins are hands down the healthiest choice for your body in general, and your fertility.


The real push behind eating seafood is consuming the essential fatty acids. The problem with seafood is the potential for high mercury levels or that it is not sustainable. There are plant-based options for obtaining the essential fatty acids, some of which are listed below.

  • Good oils (Olive/Flaxseed/Pumpkin/Canola)
  • Foods high in Omega-3′s
  • Whole grains breads/pastas (Consider Gluten free grains)
  • Water (at least 64 ounces throughout the day)


Anti-Inflammatory Foods
Acai/blueberry juiceCinnamonPineappleRed peppers
AlmondsCranberriesPomegranate juiceRhubarb
Apple juiceEggplantPumpkin seedsRosemary
BasilGarlicPurple cabbageShitake mushrooms
Blood orangesGingerPurple grapesSoybeans
BlueberriesHot PeppersPurple peppersStrawberries
BroccoliKalePurple plumsSunflower seeds
Broccoli floretsKelpPurple potatoesSweet potato
Brussels sproutNutmegRadicchioThyme
CherriesParsleyRed pearsWheat germ
Flaxseed oilLentilsGreen PeasAll beans
Grape seed oilWild RiceTofuSeitan
Linseed oilHempseedNutritional yeastHummus
Olive oilAmaranthQuinoaAll Nuts
Walnut oilChia seedsChickpeasOats and Oatmeal



Alkaline / Basic Foods
Alkaline waterChestnutsLima beansRadish
AlmondsChili pepperLimeRaisins
Apple cider vinegarCinnamonMangoRaspberries
ApplesCoconutMelons (all)Rhubarb
Apricots (dried)Collard greensMineral waterRutabaga
Apricots (fresh)CucumberMisoSalad mix
ArtichokeCurrants (dried)MolassesSauerkraut
AsparagusCurryMushroomsSea Salt
Baked potatoDatesMustardSoured dairy products
BananasDulceMustard greensSoybeans
Barley grassEdible flowersNectarineSpinach
Beans, bakedEggplantNightshade veggiesSpirulina
Bee pollenEndivesOlives (green or ripe)Sprouts
Beet greensFermented veggiesOnionsSquash
Bell peppersFresh fruit juicePapayaString beans
BlackberriesGarlicParsleySweet potatoes
BlueberriesGingerParsnipsSwiss chard
Bok choyGrapefruitPassionfruitTamari
Brazil nutsGrapesPeachesTangerine
BroccoliGreen beansPearTomatoes
Brussels sproutGreen juicesPeasTurnip greens
BuckwheatGreen peasPeppersUmeboshi plums
CabbageHerbs (all)PersimmonVeggie juices
CantaloupeHoneydew melonPineappleWatercress
CauliflowerKiwiPotatoesWheat grass
CeleryKohlrabiPotatoes, whiteWild greens
ChardLemonProbiotic culturesZucchini
Most alkaline/basic foods


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