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Preparing for Fertility Success in 2023

As we enter a new year, we hope that 2023 brings renewed hope and determination to those trying to conceive. With a new year comes a lot of change and hopefully success for you on your fertility journey. 

Here at Nova IVF, we start the year off fresh and encourage our patients to do the same. We know how challenging this journey can be and want our patients to come in feeling ready for the next steps. 

Below are a few simple steps our patients can take to prepare themselves for fertility success in the new year. 

Evaluate Insurance Coverage and Benefits

Most insurance plans start fresh at the beginning of the new year, so it’s a great first step to review your insurance coverage and benefits to see if there have been any changes that could impact your fertility treatment. This is also when your benefits often restart, leaving you with a clean slate for the year to decide what treatment options fit into your budget.

Make a Plan with Your Fertility Specialist

Whether you have been working with your fertility specialist for some time or are working with a doctor for the first time in 2023, it’s great to have a consult to reflect on your family-building goals and expectations from your clinic and its care team. This plan will be your roadmap to the next steps and can help guide you and your doctor through the year to ensure the best treatment route.

Connect with Your Community

Renewed hope often comes when we have the right support behind us. For those patients with a partner, you may find them to be all the support you need as you move forward with fertility treatment in the new year. While a support partner is beneficial, we encourage you to reach out to someone close in your life with whom you feel safe and comfortable sharing your journey. If you don’t have those connections in your personal life, there is a whole community online for infertility support, or you can seek out a mental health professional.

Be Proactive About Your Health

A new year also means a new you, so this can be a great time to focus on taking care of your physical and mental health. For both men and women, it’s important to eat well and stay active during fertility treatment to keep your body at its peak health. If there are BMI concerns, making small changes in your diet and exercise routine can often help you on your journey. In addition to feeling better physically, these changes can also greatly impact your mental health and may be the distraction you need to keep moving forward. 

Let’s Get Ready for the New Year Together

We welcome all new and current patients to schedule their first appointments for the new year here at Nova IVF. We are an inclusive and welcoming clinic that provides a wide range of services to our patients regardless of their relationship status or sexual orientation. 

We are committed to giving our patients the best experience in our state-of-the-art medical facility and focus on individualized care that has led to the exceptional success rates we’ve experienced with our patients over time.

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