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Managing Mental Health While Going Through Fertility Treatment

Mental Health Struggles and Infertility

When an individual or couple receives an infertility diagnosis, stress and emotions can build up. Through the journey, many patients can experience periods of depression and even anxiety mixed with various emotions at each step.

This is especially true for women, and recent studies have shown that nearly 50% of women consider their fertility journey to be the most challenging time of their lives. In comparison, approximately 15% of men feel the same way. 

Receiving an infertility diagnosis can often leave women with the same stress levels as those with cancer, heart disease, or HIV. The stress can also be even more significant for those who feel stigmatized by their community and do not understand that infertility is a disease.

Our doctors and staff at Nova IVF want our patients to feel supported along their journey. We encourage our patients to talk about any emotions or feelings to help them find the support they need while ensuring they are ready to move forward with the next steps in their journey. 

5 Ways to Manage Stress During Fertility Treatment:

Lean in on Your Support System:

Find some personal connections that you can confide in about your infertility journey. It’s important to have someone there that can offer encouragement or guidance. If you aren’t feeling the level of support from your current friends and family, there is a large community online that you can also connect with. 

Talk to Your Fertility Specialist:

Your reproductive endocrinologist or fertility specialist is aware of some of the stress caused by infertility. They can help you find valuable resources and offer encouragement and direction on the next steps based on what you share with them. 

Join a Support Organization:

A vast community online can help support you along your fertility journey. We have partnered with Organic Conceptions to help you feel more educated and supported on your journey. They offer a library of classes and an online community to help you maximize your emotional wellness.

Seek Help From a Professional:

Reaching out to a licensed therapist with experience in the stresses and anxiety associated with infertility can be beneficial as you navigate each new step in your diagnosis and treatment.

Join a Local Class:

Joining a local class can be a great distraction and stress reliever. You can join a group workout program or even a weekly meditation or yoga class to help you stay calm and relaxed as you progress through your treatment. 

Your Mental Health is Important

Now is the time to take action to keep your mental health in check during your fertility treatment and care. There are many ways to help you stay more positive and relaxed on this journey and even ways to help you combat any anxiety or depression that can come with the process.

At Nova IVF, we encourage our patients to be mindful of their mental health and are ready to help support each of them on their unique journey. If you are feeling stressed or have strong emotions during treatment, let the staff or doctor know so we can evaluate the situation and offer valuable resources and guidance based on your needs.

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