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From Louise Brown to Increased Success Rates - The Evolution of IVF Over the Decades

The first live birth resulting from IVF was back in 1978. Her name is Louise Brown, and she is often referred to as the first “test-tube baby.” We now celebrate National IVF Day on July 25th in honor of her (it’s her birthday). Since her birth, the world of assisted reproductive technology (ART) has drastically changed, and success rates have gone from single digits to nearly 50% in the past four decades. 

Now there is an opportunity for nearly every individual or couple to pursue their dream of not only having a baby but also creating the family they have envisioned in their lives. With fertility treatments such as IUI or IVF, there is increasing hope and possibility at our fingertips. We are proud to have been a part of this revolutionary medicine since our Bay area clinic opened in 1987.

How Fertility Medicine Has Changed Over The Decades

When in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatments first started, there was a lot we didn’t know, but over the past four decades, these treatment processes have opened so many doors in the treatment options for patients. 

We not only have a better understanding of how to help couples conceive, but we now know much more about conditions that affect the female and male reproductive systems, including endometriosis and PCOS. Significant advancements have allowed doctors to diagnose these conditions earlier and help these individuals live a more normal and informed life. 

For patients with these conditions that can lead to infertility, it’s important to have as much information as early as possible to help them make the decisions they need to when considering children for the future. 

Going Beyond State of the Art Medical Treatment

The fertility clinical experience has not only improved in the way of medical technology, but clinics like Nova IVF are recognizing the importance of giving patients additional support and resources to help them navigate their fertility journey. 

At Nova IVF, we offer an array of information and resources, from medication training videos to help patients learn how to administer their own medications at home to partnering with organizations like Organic Conceptions that can help reduce anxiety and restore balance while trying to get pregnant. We even help patients navigate the investment in their fertility future and help them figure out what options they have to finance their treatment. 

IVF in the Media

While there are some amazing success stories you can find in the media, you can also find some sensationalized information as well. We know that Our Father, a Netflix documentary, has recently been in the news, and this has brought about some concern for the safety and care patients have received over the years. We can assure you that IVF is safe, and you can rest easy knowing that many checks and balances are in place to keep all patients safe and that policies are followed accordingly. 

As IVF has evolved over the last several decades, new laws and practices have been put into place to protect patients and create a seamless process for all assisted reproductive technology (ART) to take place. 

What Sets Us Apart

Our team and cutting-edge in vitro fertilization lab have paved the way for our facility to become one of the area’s top fertility clinics. We operate at the pinnacle of standard of care in fertility medicine. 

We not only care about our patient’s success, but we pride ourselves on being compassionate and caring, always listening to our patients and letting them be active participants in their fertility care. 

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