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All The Resources You Need to Navigate Your Fertility Journey at Your Fingertips

We may have to wait until April for National Infertility Awareness Week, but we are starting this year off right and helping our patients and the infertility community to navigate their fertility journeys.

Having the support and information as you go through fertility treatment is important for everyone and we are here to support you through various resources on our website

Below we have listed an overview of the many resources on our website that can help you make informed decisions during any stage of the fertility treatment process.

A Breakdown of Available Fertility Treatment Options:

Throughout our website, you can find valuable information about every step of the fertility process from what to expect at your first reproductive health consultation to the unique and individualized IVF protocols. You can also find additional information about egg freezing, fertility preservation, and other alternative options to traditional IVF treatment.

We know that the need for donor eggs or finding a surrogate can be an important part of your journey. We have provided a detailed breakdown of what to look for in donors and surrogates and an extensive list of the egg donor and surrogacy agencies we could work with to help you on your journey.

Ways to Improve Your Chances of Success:

You may be wondering what else you can do to improve your chances of success while pursuing fertility treatment. We have included various pages highlighting the importance of nutrition, exercise, and managing stress during treatment. 

In addition to things you can do at home, we also often recommend alternative medicine options to complement the treatment services you are already receiving. A few of these services are listed on our website, and we are also happy to discuss them with you as you progress through your journey. 

Financial Support and Options:

Making decisions during your fertility journey often depends on more than the treatment options available. The financial cost is often an important factor in the decision as well, and we walk all of our patients through this process so there are no surprises. 

At your initial consultation, we run a complimentary review of benefits to give you an idea of your insurance coverage (we always recommend you reach out to your insurance to get complete details). 

Resources To Help You Feel More At Ease:

Dealing with infertility and pursuing fertility treatment can be overwhelming, but we are here to support you and offer as much help and valuable resources to make your decision process easier and take some of the confusion out of your next steps. No matter where you are in the process, you can find what you are looking for on our website.

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